About - Gary Williamson
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My journey so far

I was born in Dundee, Scotland, in 1991. However I have lived and enjoyed all my life in the town of Carnoustie, not too far from said city. I attended both primary and secondary school in the town up until 2009 when I finished my final year.


Wee Gary
Me and Rebecca

My Time at College

In 2011 I joined Angus College to study an HNC in Interactive Media and Web Development. I managed to achieve an A in my studies and then went on to achieve an HND in the same subject – also with the grade of A. During my HND I attended an interview for the University of Abertay Dundee (later known as Abertay University) which I was ecstatic to be notified of my acceptance onto the course Web Design and Development. I entered at year 3.


My Time at University

2013 is when I began my adventure at university which was a fantastic experience and I met a number of great people along the way. I put many hours of hard work into both my years at university achieving excellent grades in almost all subjects which resulted in me receiving a First Class Honours Degree. 2015 marked this occasion by attending the graduation ceremony at the Caird Hall in Dundee. A wonderful time for all those near and dear to you to celebrate your achievements. I was also glad to see many of class friends achieve impressive grades – a time to show that everyone’s hard work paid off.


Carnoustie Golf Links

My Place of Work

Over the years I have enjoyed working on a local golf course, Carnoustie Golf Links, as a caddie. I have met some interesting and wonderful people in my time and every round ends up with a story to tell. A truly interesting, fun and entertaining job. In 2016 I also carried out the job as a concierge at the links, welcoming, directing, and helping any visitors (and members) with any requests they had. Like with the caddying, it is a job where satisfaction is obtained by helping others. 


My Hobbies and Interests

As for my spare time, I am a 3 handicap golfer at Carnoustie golf links. This is something I show serious interest in during the summer but less so in the winter due to the horrific weather but I do venture onto the links once a week if I can. I love music and also play guitar. This for me is an enjoyable and expressive form of entertainment and like with everything in life, you are never finished learning.
Gary Golfing

The timeline above gives you a very brief insight in the life of me. From the moment I came into the world until present. If you’d like to find out more about me feel free to contact me. If you managed to make it all the way through that then well done, you deserve a cup of tea.