Caledonia Golf Club – Redesign

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Caledonia Golf Club – Redesign

The Carnoustie Caledonia Golf Club was looking to increase their digital marketing via social media and their website. This would be done by allowing the staff to add posts regarding events and happenings in the club.

The Caledonia didn’t utilise their website to the fullest before hand so a CMS was used so that they could keep the information up to date themselves and give their members and visitors easy access to information. The site that was previously there was a good website but they relied heavily on others to update it which, in the long run, cost them quite a lot of money. The CMS allows them to take control themselves.

The social media was improved through the help of a member of staff, a couple members of the golf club (one of which was me). Again, this was another area which was previously in place but not being used efficiently. Social media is a fantastic platform to reach a large audience in very little time. It is free advertisement which for any business is a bonus.

I informed the staff and members the importance of structure regarding their posts. No one wants to read endless text so clear and concise content is required. The use of images in social media posts is vital. Using analytics it was clear that any of the posts made by the Caledonia Golf Club that contained an image gained almost 60% more attention that plain text.

Check this link out to view the website:


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