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DS Roofing

DS Roofing is a building contractor based in Carnoustie who was looking to increase his online presence. This allowed the client to reach out to a wider audience and make his contact details more accessible as well as a platform to showcase some of his extremely successful projects.

Areas that were tackled for this particular project were:

  • Basic Logo
  • Responsive Design (Scales to all device sizes such as mobiles and tablets)
  • Image Optimisation
  • Textual Content
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Online Presence
    • Social Media
    • Directories

The logo was simply text based with the simple intention of giving the site an identity and theme.

As with all the websites I design, the website displays perfectly regardless of the device it is being viewed on.

All images were optimised so that the website did not suffer from long loading times. This allowed the site to function smoothly.

The client asked if I could take care of all the textual content. This is an important part to any website as the structuring of the content can attract or deter potential clients. It is important to sell yourself via a combination of your written content and images. An excellent harmony between these two elements can bolster any businesses perceived image and reputation.

The text was written for every page as the client wished to make it clear to the users that he offered additional services beyond that of roofing. This included minor demolition and removals.

The consideration of online presence away from the clients website was also recommended. This included adding his contact details to reputable directory websites which could relate back to his website to increase his traffic flow. This is considered a important step to increasing your search engine ranking and thus appear on some of the first search result pages.

Social Media business account was another consideration as this is a free form of advertisement and allows the user to showcase their work as well as their contact information and promotions. One of the benefits to using social media is that information can be spread quickly reaching a large audience.

The content was also organised so that it was optimised for search engines. This increases the potential search result ranking of a website.

Website link: http://dsroofing-angus.co.uk/

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