Mel’Lisa’s Cake Boutique

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Mel’Lisa’s Cake Boutique

Mel’Lisa’s Cake Boutique was an exciting project for a couple of young cake makers. The purpose of the website was market their business to a larger audience and to allow more potential customers to obtain their services. It also gave them a professional light to showcase their excellent work.

Below is a list of areas that were tackled in order to give the client an excellent online presence and one in which they can update and maintain themselves once it is set up. The list below covers everything from functionality to identity.

  • Logo Created
  • Responsive Design (Scales to all device sizes such as mobiles and tablets)
  • Team Member Profiles
  • Image Optimisation and Banner Created
  • “Baking Blog” for new projects
  • Age Restricted Cake Section
  • SEO Optimisation

To begin a logo was created. The idea was to give the identity of the two bakers while obviously giving it a cake related theme. The logo was well received.

All of the websites design are optimised to work on all devices. This means that any viewer can see the information perfectly regardless if they are using a desktop PC or a mobile phone.

The team profiles allowed each baker to give their own personal profile. It gave an insight as to what specific areas of the business delights them the most and that they are most skilled at. Collectively, it shows how the two individuals harness their skills to produce such excellent products.

All images were optimised so that loading times are not effected and the banner showcased a number of the cakes on the fly. The first thing the user of the site sees is the variety of different styles of cakes that have been produced to show all challenges are undertaken.

The “Baking Blog” allowed for the bakers to easily update their own site and add images and text about their latest projects. This way they could catalogue their work and then use it as advertisement on their site.

Some of the cake requests the bakers received were novelty jokes that some customers wanted. These cakes may not be suitable for all ages so an age restricted section was added to avoid upsetting any viewers.

The whole site was SEO optimised meaning that the text, images and site had been constructed in such a way to improve how search engines engage with it. This is one stage of increasing your search engine rankings.

The website was then left in the capable hands of the owners so they could update the text and small details of the website themselves.

To view the site click the link:

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