Rebecca Tully Golf

Rebecca Tully Golf

Rebecca Tully Golf

Rebecca Tully Golf is a personal website for a local PGA professional golfer. She is an assistant professional at Carnoustie Golf Links and wanted a website to promote her golf lessons. The website will also used as a blog to document any events that happen in her career and her daily life as a golf professional.

The areas that were looked into for this site were:

  • Clean look (Not cluttered, good use of white space)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Blog
  • Good use of photography
  • SEO Optimised

Firstly, the website had to have good use of white space. The images were a big part of the website to showcase all the fantastic golfing locations Rebecca had been to. Parallax scrolling was used on the background images to create a nice effect. The website has a flat design so that all the pages of the website can be view from the home page. The user can also use the menu to “slide” down to each of the sections.

The website is mobile friendly so that it displays well on any device.

The Blog was created so that recent topics would be displayed and the user could have the option to search for a specific string of words or by using categories. There is also the options to view all blog entries. What this does is it stops this section of the home screen becoming cluttered by limiting the number or blog posts. Once the user searches they are redirected to a search results page which, again, keeps everything clean and simple.

There was some fantastic photos used and the idea was to make good use of them, to really make it feel like a golfer’s website. By separating the sections of the home page with images it not only made good use of the photographs but also spaced the content out.

The website was SEO optimised to help increase search engine rankings and potential clarity of the content.

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